Delayed Flights UK: Giving Rise to the Delay Compensation Industry

Do you know that the European airlines have a lot of Delayed Flights in the UK? And most of us are not aware of the passenger rights in case of due flight delays. The fact is that if your flight is 3 hours or more delayed than the scheduled time, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600 depending upon the distance and the number of hours of the delay. Apart from this, it is also the duty of the airlines to provide the customers with free snacks and refreshments during the period of light delay. But many people do not claim the delays compensations. Do you know that the light claims industry is a flourishing one with about €5.5 million going into it annually? However, a major part of this is unclaimed.

The first thing is that most of the passengers are unaware of their rights. Secondly, the process is cumbersome and no one likes to disturb their set schedule to get the claims processed. Thirdly, the airlines are too reluctant to pay the amount and they trick the customer into the blanket cover of delay caused due to extraordinary circumstances or things that were beyond control. But the fact is that delays seldom occur due to weather problems, or war or sabotage or such situations.

Mostly the statement is made for getting an excuse from paying the compensations that each of the passengers is entitled to get on a flight delayed by 3 or more hours. It is indicated through reports that airlines succeed in getting 76 percent of the passenger claims refuted. This can result from in a lot of frustration on the part of the customers who have already undergone the trouble of waiting so long and getting unduly delayed, and then make and send the claim later on. Moreover, the sale of handling the extra communication involved further make the process of making the claim a tedious and undesirable one.

The good news here is that the one can get help for filing and the processing of the claims for Delayed Flights in the UK. The amount varies with the distance, season or the amount of time that is delayed in the airline flight. You can get the necessary help for getting your claim through the services of Flights Compensation.


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